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In the Grid starting today…
April 6, 2008, 12:47 pm
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[How Do You Feel?]


‘Expiate’ is a real-time event with a site-specific ritual starting at 6pm, April 6th, 2008 at Vadodara,Gujarat.

All are invited.Real-Time Event closed on the 9th of April.

Online Participation is open.

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Comment by anonymous

i am little worried about my surrounding..so much intolerance visible everywhere that one can’t escape a kind of anxiety about the so called advancement or progress of civilization..but only hope is that people still fall in love…and to me it does not mean a fall but a progress towards a truth (of one’s own self as well as her/his shared identity, the collective being)….amen

Comment by amitabha

Tikubhai says ‘the world is going so fast that there are no brakes’…I want to live on my own pace.

Comment by Tikubhai K Joshi

Loving someone or something, and if that is true in it’s essence, will lead to God. Because Love is from God and it has to return to him. Love is the most beatiful thing in this world. If this is combined with the sort of Brotherhood or Sisterhood atmosphere in common, world will be very charming.

Comment by Ashiq Lukman

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