k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

February 17, 2008, 2:38 pm
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Says the pilgrim to the Zero,


“Choice is a function of my disturbance, a chaotic refusal to be ‘given’. Choice is my heresy. My gradient. The words that will be etched on my tombstone.My epitaph.”

To which the Zero replies,

“But first, pilgrim,

You must place yourself.”

[The Grid.]
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How do you feel?
Aap Kaise Ho?

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Comment by dhatri

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well how about a grid in non-eucledian spaces?

Comment by Rajan

wet blanket!

Comment by Screen Sifar

jaise AAP rakhe ho….Bismillah

Comment by amitabha

truth must take its time to energize the creative force/potency of the consciousness…and i have no hurry..so i am as we are..

Comment by amitabha

sleepless nights, crumpled bed. The sun screams on me to stand up and make a choice.

Comment by anonymous

I am Intiligent student.

Comment by Krupal

Tikubhai says, ‘I left my home-town in 1992, and I used to farm back then.When I was farming I ate my roti in peace.Ever since I left, I haven’t eaten in peace.
I’m looking for a place where I can sit and eat my roti in peace.’

Comment by Tikubhai K Joshi

Self realization to the extent that, it helps to move further to the possible perfection. Even elevating one’s identity from the marginalised to the mainstream or of normal identity

Comment by Ashiq Lukman

I feel restless!

Comment by Sophie

Tired already

Comment by chengiz

I feel called – I feel to choose the call.

Comment by rose

How do I feel. ? Well for a starter, I feel, I am left out, by a society that believes in blaming everybody for all the ills in society,as I do not believe in blaming others but see the right and wrong in society by myself first, make attempts to correct myself, then the change which is a sure thing in life is bound to happen in each and every one in my society.The more the blame game, the more is the efforts to pass the buck, do nothing about being humans.!

Comment by Rajendra


Just purely uncomfortable..

Comment by Sridhar Pabbisetty


Comment by Sheila

how do you feel can be either how do i perform the act of feeling .. or .. describe what i am feeling now.
1) by taking stock and being honest about it
2) cerebral at the moment, but open

Comment by meterdown


Comment by ijustparkedmybutthere


Comment by plateofcrumbs


Comment by LaTonya Bynum

when things are moving,im still unsatisfied. If they arent moving, Im struggling against lethargy

Comment by r

overworked but happy

Comment by anupam


Comment by iniyaal

i feel tense

Comment by Ahmed


Comment by Shabnam

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