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Documenting Community collaborations

labels : Documenting Community collaborations

This project is located on the internet and at physical sites around the country.Stretching its reach, I propose to have performances and shows wherever possible, when a location has relevance to the story that we’re telling.

For sustained engagement as well as to meet the proposed production goal, two groups are currently in the picture.

Himmat and Aarzoo.

Both these groups are located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and have a history of working with conflict.

I see my work with communities as an engagement with socio-cultural-bio politics at the theoretical level and at the human and physical level as therapy.I hope to draw from, to be able to inform to achieve break-throughs in art(visual,performance,new-media) as therapy.

Within this project the work with communities and the collaborations with individuals(documentation elsewhere) is around the idea of identity.I’m specifically interested in looking at identities that bear a history of conflict and oppression and the impact that this has on the individual and the community.I’m interested in intervening using the tools of movement, performance art and internet communication technologies to bring about healing,catharsis, resolution and empowerment.

This page is a site for the documentation, analysis, and findings, to date from my interactions with them.

Himmat(November 2005-July 2007)

Being introduced.(February and November 2005)

E-mail conversations with Monica Wahi.(2007)

Conversations with Vasudha Thozhur.(2006)

Phone conversation with Zaid Ahmed Shaikh(June 2007)

Meeting with the Himmat women(February 2007)

Meeting with the Himmat women(July 2007)

Aarzoo(July 2006- July 2007)

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