k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

LABELS: An Overview

Why ‘whose body?’

There are two threads within this project.

1.Identity: commonly discerned by one’s apparent qualities, your looks, your dress, you name, the language you speak, the food you eat, where you come from…

Your recognisable attributes, often developed by explorations into your self and its history and crafted out of interactions and perceptions of people like you and significant ‘others’.

This self is most characterised in our times by gender, community, nation, class, caste and profession.Your phenomenological experience of ‘being’ any of these labels is what we’re interested in in Labels.

2.Bodily experience: By way of dance therapy, movement and performance, in Labels I’m interested in covering, uncovering and maybe recovering body experience.I also want to ask questions about the experience of an embodied identity.

Key-words: catharsis, freedom, eros, pain, spirituality, emotion… 

Enough said about this.Performances will be documented by photos and video or writing, depending on your comfort level with each of these media.I understand that revealing or performing an identity could be a very intense experience.

Privacy is guaranteed and it is the experience that we have that I’m interested in.What will be made public depends on the nature of the tale we have to tell, together.

And last, a couplet/sher comes to mind

“Khudi ko kar buland itna

ke har takhdeer se pehle

khuda bande se khud pooche

bata teri raza kya hai”

———————Allama Iqbal.

and an attempt at translation is:

“Make your self-hood so strong that before each chapter of destiny is written, the lord asks his slave “Tell me, what is your wish?”

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very interesting. i have not given much thought to my body in recent years apart from exercising to keep slim. i used to be concerned about how i look when i was in my teens. however once i became a full fledged adult i stopped worrying about this.

Comment by rahul banerjee

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