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Post Script 2: Another Chapter to the harrowing Blank Noise Experience
March 21, 2007, 5:36 pm
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Post Script 2: Another Chapter to the harrowing Blank Noise Experience:Rethinking Gender towards Collaboration. Do you believe in Violence?

I wrote a very aggressive piece on sexual harassment. I’ve been trying very hard to give back aggression ever since. I’ve never been an aggressive person. As a species though, we’re a very aggressive race, and will probably annihilate ourselves because of it. Natural as it seems, aggression is not the best way of having your way. Because peace is a more intelligent means of survival.

When violence breeds violence, someone higher up on the evolutionary ladder needs to put an end to it. Anyone informed about the events of 2002 in
Gujarat would never advocate aggression or retaliation. Good fences don’t necessarily make good neighbours. It’s ironic though that I had to say this after articulating anger, and after amassing the power to fight back.

Could I have reacted differently? Does justice have a role to play in all of this?If the violence I got bothers me so much then the real way to go is the fight for justice. A person harmed by another must expect justice, and someone about to commit a crime must fear the meting out of justice. It’s great to have the power to fight back, but I’m not going to be up in arms all the time. Someone needs to assure me the right to justice. Like a State. Like a Police Officer. And it’s doubly sad that systems aren’t in place to even identify this as a crime, leave alone assure the victim that it’s understood that what happened to her is wrong, and the perpetrator deserves to be punished. That’s all I had to say. I’ve seen a lot of male aggression, and I don’t want to pass on the mantle. I am a woman.

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