k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

Trafficking labels…
May 27, 2008, 1:14 am
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‘THE CONSUMER IS A KIND OF PUBLIC. The consumer accepts by making a choice and likes to be told what to choose.

THE MOB IS A KIND OF PUBLIC.The mob does not finish a work of art even when finishing it off. The mob certainly likes to be told not what a work of art could mean but what it is…

A mob is not a natural phenomenon. Mob is not another name for the people. Mobs are not the people.

Could you be part of a mob?’ **


Surely you are not all right, Pilgrim.

You breathe from your skin, but deep within there’s a part of you steadily dying?








When in Rome, be yourself.


[Where do you want to go today?]











(**Estee Oarsed. Part 3 of How to Outwit a Mosquito’)

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Inward… to the depth of me that are still unknown.. and not discovering which the journey of life is not complete.

Comment by Sridhar Pabbisetty

Today I want to defeat my weaker self! I want to wake the creative side in me…and put something on paper!!

Comment by Sophie


Comment by chengiz

To the end of a work of art.

Comment by rose

Art represents the life, good and bad of life, the materialistic trends of artist uses the creative skills to exploit emotions of the viewer to enrich himself with more material wealth, the intellectual side of artist narrates in the art the ills that the artist views around him to awaken the society, the pure art explores the spiritual side of humans which is to be good to all living beings,to be humane, to be responsible and responsive to all in society, which makes lives of all in society a better place to live on planet earth.

Comment by Rajendra

i want t go back to my mothers womb….where, probably i was the happiest person of the world….
I wish this must be true…..

Comment by AMITABHA

I want to fly away. Head home. Like a bird.

Comment by Sheila

There’s something to be said about art.

And there’s something to be said about pornography in the same sentence, tying them both to what critics think. I choose not to believe that is solely the purpose of creative expression.

But I digress. I want to go to be with people who I enjoy being with. I only hope they feel the same way!

Comment by Matt

ah, this is a tough one! to see a film. defintely not at a mall. or to a mall. to a moment in the past. in my past, in our past — and the ‘our’ has many signifieds. to a point, maybe, of no return — and i mean that not as a limiting of choices but an exercising of choice. the ‘maybe’ remains important, but only until the choice is made. also, of course, jahan sham suhani dhale/ jahan gham bhi na hon, aansoo bhi na hon…/ ik aise gagan ke tale 🙂

Comment by vanita m

it almost midnight. i want to shut down this laptop and go to bed

Comment by meterdown

stockholm, i want to sit on the river bank

Comment by plateofcrumbs

any direction forward

Comment by rustom

home but there is no such as home. so here and there.

Comment by anupam

somewhere happier, more peaceful.

Comment by Ahmed

I want to travel , go abroad.

Comment by Shabnam


Comment by Drew Harris

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