k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

May 30, 2007, 8:09 am
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Join us or eavesdrop on this conversation.

On www.orkut.com, at a group called Unfair.

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Nice initiative, Screen. I look forward to contributing to this initiative, as best as I can. 🙂

Comment by Johny Jagannath

Dhanyavaad,Siant Light Storm!
aapke vichaar hame bahut acche lage.

Comment by SS

I also read about the Guj Muslim women. Kinda scary what I read there.

Comment by Johny Jagannath

That paper scares me as well.
Its the most I have read on sexual violence concerning 2002.
‘Each group continues to some extent to see the female body as a symbol of the nation, which its men must control in order to preserve manly honor. The struggle of the men within each group not to cede to women any sphere of rule that might weaken them in relation to the men of any other group is a major impediment to feminist reform’.(http://bostonreview.net/BR29.3/nussbaum.html)

Comment by SS

I did not read that paper line by line. But my impression of “women being a nation” etc is bull shit. Men are designed to like the female body no matter what. Maybe it is just sexual frustration, that made them do those things to the muslim women. But it is also a way to hurt muslim men, by doing those things to their women. The nation theory is bull shit, IMO.

Comment by Johny Jagannath

IMO, sexual violence happens everywhere (esp during wars, large scale riots etc), but usually does not get reported.

Since there are too many news channels in India thse days, everything gets reported. IMO, this 2002 incident should not be taken as something new.

Comment by Johny Jagannath

that hurt!
so if its not new then theres no need to get alarmed about it?

Comment by SS

Oh no, I am sorry Screen.:(

I didnt mean it that way. I am genuinely alarmed about it. Only sadists do that to women, IMO. Like in the movies? The villain always tries to hurt the hero’s girl in order to get revenge etc?

Comment by Johny Jagannath

There is so much on your blog, Screen. I need to spend a few days reading here. Awesome blog, keep doing what you are doing.:)

And hey I have a nice tune for the “I am brown” song. It goes like this.. “Aaah am Brown… Brown as a potato” – That is the first line. I need more lines from you Screen. 🙂

Comment by Johny Jagannath

adorable ol Johny Jagannath!
You shall have your lyric…coming up!
maybe I’ll try some Hindi and Urdu lyrics, what would Ghalib have said if he were asked to comment on his skin colour?
yeh tera saanwla rang , yeh tera husn Ghalib,
tujhe hum lashkara kehte jo tu na aashiq hota.

Comment by SS

Wow, Screen 🙂 That is soo cute…But you have to make me understand all of that. Translate that for me please!

You are a poet eh?

Comment by Johny Jagannath

Saint, I needed to respond to that on a more serious note.
That paper speaks about how the violence on women in the 2002 pogrom actually differs from a lot of other ‘riots’.She’s saying that the violence here actually stems a racial disgust towards Muslims, slowly cultivated and fed by propoganda of the Hindu right, which is why the bodies were not spared even after acts like rape.Bodies of Muslim women pose a threat to the clean homogenous nation that the RSS brigade envisages.That is why they were burnt in heaps.Unimaginable but true.Far from your or my world.
Rakesh Sharma’s Final Solution(http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3829364588351777769) is a documentary that speaks of the similarity between the events of Gujarat 2002 and the German Nazi project which led to the extermination of 6 million Jews.
In that film, the film-maker walks into a graveyard in Ahmedabad and is interviewing the incharge there, who says ‘mat baat karo’,’auraton ke baare mein mat baat karo aap’, ‘dimaag kaam karne nai lagega'(dont speak of these things,your mind will stop functioning), referring to the state in which these bodies were brought to the grave yards.
What we’re seeing here is something more viscious than just sexual frustration.It’s a bred and cultivated ethnic prejudice, fed and allowed to roam free by the state government.

Comment by Screen Sifar

and thank you,but after writing that I’m not in the mood for mirth.

Comment by Screen Sifar

more on sexual violence and Gujarat:

Comment by Screen Sifar

Phew… that upset my mood too. This is deeper than I thought. Thanks for letting me in on this, though.

I am unable digest all of this. Phew, that link that you gave made me sick to my stomach.

Comment by Johny

She’s saying that the violence here actually stems a racial disgust towards Muslims,

I hate to say this.. but after 9/11, this feeling towards muslims has slowly grown, IMO. I really dont know what is going to happen to the world. I can usually forsee things, but what I see isnt good. 😦

I hate the RSS.

Comment by Johny

Personally, I feel women (regardless of what religion) are the nicest people in the world. They don’t deserve that kinda treatment. IMO, all women must be worshiped. Somehow religion, culture etc.. all seem to focus on controlling the women. I have seen muslim/hindu men wear western outfits while they let their women wear burkas (or traditional outfits), as if the religious rules and traditions apply only to women.

That is definitely racist IMO.

Comment by Johny

I really dont know what the solution is, Screen. 😦

IMO, intelligent minds from all communities must get together and somehow work out a solution. Currently the situation is soo hopeless, it appears like it is beyond repair. 😦

Comment by Johny

“I hate to say this.. but after 9/11, this feeling towards muslims has slowly grown, IMO.”

The feeling I am talking about is not “racial disgust”, but I meant something like Islamophobia. Time is running out IMO; intelligent minds from all the communities must do something about this.

Comment by Johny

I dont know what to say. except that I agree with you.

I’m hopeful though, as long there theres wind in the lungs and life coursing through my veins,and my mind is functional…

As long as we can talk,lets.

Comment by Screen Sifar

I am glad you understand, Screen. But yes we can talk about it and I will support you all the way. 🙂

Comment by Johny

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