k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

Starting from scratch
April 1, 2007, 11:34 am
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identify yourself

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I am THE immaculate misconception!!!

Comment by tenil

I’m a happy pig

Comment by renee

why on earth are you doing this? i fail to see the point. kindly illuminate

Comment by saiba

I just am
i simply am
I am invisible indescribable

Comment by I

I am an illegal resident of an illegal colony in Delhi, about to be demolished tomorrow.

Comment by Y S

i am :
this indersalim STUFF from kashmir.

Comment by inder salim

I am: an independent woman, who finds it hard to be hopeful about the future of the world.

Comment by Shalini VB

I am one among the crowd..
Having very little knowledge about where from i have begin..
And no knowledge about where we are going..

Comment by Saher

mian umeed hon apni maan ki

main hoon shamaye mehfilen jawadan meree zindagee nahin mukhtasar
main chirage rehguzar nahin jo bhuja bhuja sa ho sham se

Comment by fouzia

I am a good human being and I never underestimate myself as a good human being.

Comment by Shoma A. Chatterji

I am I, you and the other.

I am bird/weighted stone

I am dust; I am clay;

I am clarity; I am confusion;

I am light; I am dark;

I sometimes know; often I don’t;

Clear stream; Muddied waters;

I am fire; I am ice;

Opposites meet in me.

I am love; I am indifference;

I spread my wings; I wear a straitjacket;

I am doubt; I am faith;

Swirls of guilt;

Times passage;

I am body—all body sometimes and, at others, spirit.

I am shadow and substance.

I am an answer and a question.

Comment by Padmini Menon

I’m NOT.

Comment by Screen Sifar

yesterday i thought i knew me,
But i guess i was fooled by that surity.
If im changing every moment..
Can I know who i am ?
Im probably a unique process
and thats my identity
If u ask me the same question tomorrow,
I assure of a different answer.

Comment by Neha Jiandani

I am a child, eager to be cared for, praised, scolded even – but with the assurance of love
I am a woman – with love to give away and take, passions deep and wide, red, white, I love in fire, in tears, in pain, in joy and lust divine
I am a human, I make, I break, I tear, I hold – a home, the members, the thoughts
I am a face – I see and touch a million others everyday – my smile, my hands, my eyes, my porous skin trace out – your smell, your thoughts, your distance – lingering longer or moving away – just as you want me to
I am me – quite unlike you, or so I think – and then I smile and know, its only because I dont know you – yet
I am me – I am you – come hold me hand and find yourself in me

Comment by Ananya J

I am just a jealous guy.

Comment by Ravi S

I am a Woman…with dreams submerged in my wide eyes…to revolutionize the world…

Comment by Debashree

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i am a liberal woman trapped in a world ruled by crazy men.

Comment by Netty Gritty

Hmm … probably there is one sentence that i would want to live up to.

To love all is to love none and to love none is to love all.

In the journey to achieve this.

Comment by Sridhar Pabbisetty

I am an illusion of reality.

Comment by Packiaraj Asirvatham

I am sky (that is to say, different things on different days, and never the same for anyone).

Comment by s

Confusion. I have nothing to offer but confusion.

Comment by anonymous

I am Indian

Comment by Krupal

I am 25 yr old, L1- Assamese, enjoy being with others. My views are changing, i sometimes feel what i am looking for is a workable model to who i am.

Comment by angshuman

Main nisswarth banna chaahta hun.
Jo manushya ka mujhe avataar mila hai,
Main sab manushyon ke liye kuch banna chaahta hun.
I want to be unselfish,
I want to use this avatar of man in order to become something for all men.

Comment by Tikubhai K Joshi

this indersalim STUFF from KASHMIR…with LOVE

Comment by INDER SALIM

I am a hopeful person, who wants to be courageous!

Comment by Sophie

So far these are a few things I’ve been called in my life: Insaan, admi, papa, beta, sonu, mussalman, gadha, bastard, sweetie, my love, Indian, alien, Buddhist, student, teacher, writer, photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, artist, communal, secular, rightwing, leftist, intellectual, boy, girl, handsome, fatty, mota-sala, cute, squareoo, skinny, short, little, small,gay, straight, chutia, asshole…

Comment by chengiz

I am shaped and shaper.

Comment by rose

I am not what I am, I am part of the society, that has all the good and evil,good of all is God in society and evil coexisting in all of us is devil in society, at any given point the good and evil may have upper hand, but always good triumphs over evil, living the scars of the fight between good and evil in me and all those in society, be it for faith, for lands, for wealth, for water or for food.Good in me is God, coexisting with evil, as long as I can have a balance beteween these I am humane, otherwise it is devil in me playing its part to be devilish.?The moment I tend to be divine, society which has dual standards for both good and evil, puts me chained in temple,masjid or church, exploits others in society using the same place of chained me with emotions of faith,my freedom is lost if I become God, so i prefer to be human, with balance of both good and evil in me in balance.!

Comment by Rajendra

Its a foolish question.. When I know that I is a social construct then to go for identity is rubbish existential question.

Comment by kardam

I wish I knew who I was.

Comment by Bhagya Lakshmi

i am a very short sighted man like any common man…i can’t see the future…but i can see beyond future….
i am a mad..
i am a seeker of whatever till now mankind is seeking….
i wish some day i will know who i am…

Comment by AMITABHA

I am a looser.

Comment by Avi

Apparently a simple question to which a commoner would like to give simple answer/s of socially ascribed multiple identities choosing one expediently but intellectually a difficult question – as difficult as it was to the 18th century great sufi poet Bulle Shah who said ‘Bulla ki jaana meiN kaun’ ‘don’t know who i am’.

To me:
i am
a fusion
of waters,
a fusion that seeks
more water, soil, air and ideas.
a fusion that has

Comment by rajkumar hans

I am not what I want to be. I am what I don’t want to be.

Comment by Sheila

I am what surrounds me, as much as what surrounds me makes me who I am.

Pronoun use being related to this supposed “existential rubbish,” I have no further response at present.

Comment by Matt

I’m crazy.That’s what they say.

Comment by Crazy

i’m not a singer, or an archaeologist. between fantasy and the layers beneath my feet, i play with words and trust in signs when i feel i can.

Comment by vanita m

i am that person staring into the existential abyss.. and smiling. i am i

Comment by meterdown

who am i?let me see…mmmm…Male chauvinist pig? Cant be…my sister would have killed me long time back. Happy..sometimes..sad..sometimes… God/Avatar? Exciting but no..cant be….
Im probably as “Human” as a human can be. Cant be anything else..Im Human.

Comment by Rahul Dhinakaran

I am complicated..am lost, but I also know what I want, but still lost..Am I normal??

Comment by Kavi

Normal is boring.Keep playing and see what else you can be!

Comment by Bhagya Lakshmi

I am a latecomer.

Comment by ijustparkedmybutthere

You are welcome.

Comment by Screen Sifar

i’m a person in love

Comment by searching

alone and afloat in the sargasso sea of my mind

Comment by plateofcrumbs

i am an anchor. if i was born in palestine an arab, i would probably be a sucide bomber.

Comment by ghander

trying, with at least some success, to separate myself from what we are hard-wired to do by society, and to become myself..

Comment by r

i am pomji

Comment by anupam

I am a bundle of thoughts and actions bound by the awareness of being ‘Me’. I am a tiny part – of nature, of the spirit that permeates nature.

Comment by iniyaal

i feel too old to ‘am’? less perceptive, more settled, like the sediment under water. more watchful also, of nature. not watchful enough, not sediment enough.
bhagyalaxmi, good bhagya to you, for this delicate online work

Comment by slow coach

I’m present.

Comment by Ahmed

I’m weary.

Comment by Shabnam

I am Geronimus, and I know what the cat is doing.

Comment by Drew Harris

i am depressed. i am dead. i am empty

Comment by Yamayama

Kyun.Want to talk to us?

Comment by Screen Sifar

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