k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

The dispute is not out there
December 13, 2006, 5:51 am
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“Theres one at the back, get him, from the back, need back-up, enemy spotted… main ek saat teen jan ko tapka ta hun.”

I’m flanked by snipers on both sides.

I’m in their peripheral vision, they in mine.

Perhaps they can see this text.

This cyber cafe is a battle-ground.And yet there are ways to peace.

Vedavati, in response to the Sarai reader-list discussion on the arrests of activists of the Komu Souharda Vedike in Chikmanglur region of Karnataka over the disputed and threatened Baba Budangiri Shrine (a synchretic place of worship and solace for both Hindus and Muslims which is under threat of demolition at the hands of the Sangh Parivar) said:

hindus partitioned india, poor muslims were forced to loot, kill or throw
hindus out of pakistan, rather i would like to say, hindus compelled muslims
to indulge in these acts. then kashmir happened, history repeated, hindus
very happily became refugees in their own mother land.

hindus have always been very aggressive, poor muslims were forced pull down
thousands of temples in medieval india, same thing happened in kashmir.
hindus could not understand that ram mandir can be built only in secular
muslim countries like pakistan & bangladesh.

To which , Screen Sifar said

I’m not aggressive

my view-point is not heard

I have an axe to grind

I’m not allowed to articulate what i feel

I believe in Allah

I dont want you to hate me.

just let me be.

I love you.

,and was replied to

dear ………….,

i don’t hate you, i am a hindu, you are a muslim still we are sisters.

i hate pseudo secularists & our politicians,

they are creating gulf between you & me.


and she said

thanks for replying

If by pseudo-secularists you mean the mainstream which refuses to acknowledge religion then I understand your stand.

but we are also part of it.There are problems with religions, yours and mine that we need to work at from within.

I dont see the point in throwing stones from this glass house.

But I still have an axe to grind.And things to do.


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