k i s k a J i s m / w h o s e b o d y?

To the Mainstream male:Being Veiled is like wearing a condom/I’m not from Pakistan
December 11, 2006, 9:44 am
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Being veiled is a mode, a protection that’s not complete but its there. It’s a way of functioning in the world. And yet it’s admitting to one’s vulnerability, to a certain gaze to start with.

But the man in front of me is vulnerable as well, and as I turn my attention to him he shifts uncomfortably but pleasurably, I don’t want to play this part , so I hide behind my computer screen and he (pretends?) is engrossed in his.

I don’t want to play this part.

and yet its the mainstream male that we all are directed to please.

Shifting, scratching your hand, tapping on your phone, uncomfortable in your tight jeans, your straight backed maleness, you’re uncomfortable too.

I’m not the object.

I’m not the victim. I’m just blotting you out because I don’t want to have peripheral vision?

You do not arouse me. I do not want you to arouse me. I do not want your attention?

My hardware guy’s logic is that because I have a more perspective than a normal 24 year old Indian, I have a Quran in my house, lodged prominently ,and I know computers and want an internet connection, keep my veil on when I’m around him,

I’m from Pakistan, going to do god knows what with my computer and the internet.

My logic is that he’s from communal Baroda.

I wear a lot of veils in my head sometimes.Sometimes I’m just hard to configure


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Thanks Padmini Menon for your line,”I wear these veils in my head”.
Keep reading.

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