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T-S H I R T S!/ “We Will not be silent!”
August 23, 2006, 9:16 am
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T-shirts are a great way of wearing your politics.Altough they come in homogenised fabric and are’nt full sleeved like a lot of my outdoor clothes.

More urgently , however, here is what people who care have been doing with them.

This is a campaign to protest the Israeli attack on Lebanon and American war crimes in the Middle -East:


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I wrote a song called “The Silence of Good People” which you might be interested in. The song was inducted into the National Civil Rights Museum in 2003. The chorus is a sing-along with the lyric “We will not be silent.” The lyrics are included below, and sound clips can be found at:

Jack Chernos
San Francisco


It once was asked of Martin Luther King
How the progress of rights could be so long coming
His answer was not the evil of some
But the silence of good people

Although we may never arrive in the garden
The sin is not in failure, but never starting
My silent friend, it is you that I am speaking of
Of the silence of good people

We, we will not be silent
We, we will not be silent
We will not be silent

Although we have only hearts, bodies, and minds
Against guns and clubs, lies and threats and money
When the truth is released, each echo comes louder
On the voices of good people

We, we will not be silent
We, we will not be silent
We will not be silent

I’ve taken my place on the streets of our land
With my sisters and brothers by the tens of thousands
And I have sweet hope, because I can hear
The rising voices of good people

We, we will not be silent
We, we will not be silent
We will not be silent

(C) 2001 Jack Chernos

Comment by Jack Chernos

check out my post about what is RSS
on http://chakresh.wordpress.com

Comment by kanha

Hi Jack Chernos and kanha,
Jack:lovely song.
This movement gains momentum , even as we speak, more and more people are wearing these t-shirts as a sign of dissent in America.
Thank you for speaking up.I can’t access your music yet.but I’ll do it as soon as i get the time.

kanha: read your recent post and the post on the RSS.
I’m going to give it some thought.I’ve been schooled in secular humanism and I have diverted from it in the sense that I’m a Muslim woman and need to inhabit that identity first in order to try and approach and understand, then cohabit with other faiths.
Colonisation left us many many bad things, and did some good as well.My picture “Decolonise yourself” is about trying to recognise the impact of colonisation on your psyche , deconstruct and then reconstruct yourself from that legacy.

Comment by whosebody

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